Home from Home Cats

What is Home from Home? 
Cats Protection are happy to help re-home cats. Most of the cats we rehome are in our foster care system after been found as strays. We operate on a voluntary basis and are limited on how much help we can give to other cats in the community.  If you need to rehome your cat and we haven't got room to take it in, we can help by putting your cat on our website as a Home from Home.

Before we can help you

Prior to to this process starting, you must ensure that your cat has been neutered and is up to date with flea treatment as we will do not home un-neutered cats.

First Stage of Rehoming
The first stage in the Home from Home process is for us to come along and see your cat to gather some details about it (regarding its age, personality, health issues, sociability etc). We will also take some photos for the website. Once this is completed, we put the cat on to our website, in the same way that our fostered cats are shown.

Second Stage of Rehoming
If anyone enquires about giving your cat a home via Cats Protection, we would then try to conduct a home check to ensure suitability for both the cat and potential new owner. Please be aware that this may not always be possible due to resources available at the time.

Third Stage of Rehoming
If we are happy with this, we will then put the potential new owner in direct contact with you so that they can come to see the cat and hopefully adopt.

Rehoming not Carried out Through Cats Protection
If you should find some one to take your cat by any other means, it would be your responsibility to make sure that your cat is going to a good home, as we do not have the resources or volunteers to do home visits for Home from Home cats that are not re-homed directly though the branch. We would simply ask that you let us know so that we can take the cat off the website.

Home from Home Review
We review the Home from Home cats every two weeks, and ask that you contact us (by phone, text or email) to confirm that you still want your cat displayed on the website. If the cat is not homed within two weeks, the owner may extend this for a further two weeks. If we are not informed that the cat has been re-homed, or that an extension is required, then the cat will be taken off our website after two weeks.

To speak to us about rehoming your cat, please contact us on 0845 260 1385 or email us at: stokecats@gmail.com